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03 Apr 2014 11:50

Right to ‘ask’ for personal health budgets begins ….

People with complex health care needs from now have the ‘right to ask’ for a personal health budget.

A personal health budget is an amount of NHS money available to people  living in England with long term conditions to meet their healthcare and wellbeing needs. People design and agree a plan with their healthcare team that shows how they will use the budget to meet their goals, which could include therapies, personal care and equipment. The budgets can be managed in the form of a notional budget, direct payments or a third party arrangement.

If you wish to have a budget but don’t want to manage it yourself, it may be possible for someone else to manage the budget on your behalf. If you care for someone who does not have capacity to manage a personal health budget themselves, the same arrangement may also be possible. Every effort must be made to ask the person about their wishes and to keep their best interests in mind.

You can also manage the care and support you choose in different ways, ranging from doing this yourself through to getting help from another person or organisation to implement what’s in your care plan on your behalf.

More information or to initiate a referral follow the link below or call us today for more advice: