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05 Jan 2015 12:28

Recent customer feedback

“My search for a live in care package that met a budget, was able to accommodate a terminal parent and a critically disabled parent at the same time, with the target of keeping them in their own home, at first sight looked to be a very difficult one.

 However, with Certain Care, it was possible not only to get a very professional live in Care, who had all the expected respect and compassion for an aging couple’s personal needs, but also managed their ongoing medical issues and changing OT requirements with an outstanding degree of professionalism.

 The live in Carer was able to work effectively with the already installed care team, and as that team’s requirement altered, was able to adjust to the changing routines, suggesting improvements in comfort for my parents along the way.

 I would like to thank Certain Care for its understanding and ability to deal with a very difficult period of our lives in an effective and caring way. I would very much recommend this company to families who find themselves in these kinds of difficult circumstances, and are looking for the best possible live in care solution to their needs.”

Warm regards,

G Langham.