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13 Oct 2013 16:07

Council cost-cutting on care a threat to human rights of elderly – watchdog

“Councils are abusing elderly people’s human rights by forcing down the price they pay agencies to provide care in their homes, the UK’s official equalities watchdog has warned.

In a scathing report, it accused local authorities of actively creating “incentives” for private contractors for care to get worse rather than better.

The findings come just a day after a report by the Leonard Cheshire Disability charity found that more than half of councils now book carers in 15-minute blocks, a practice widely condemned as inhumane.” – telegraph, 08th October 2013

This article highlights the need for a better thought out long term solution for the elderly and disabled individuals in our community (although the articles’ emphasis is the elderly) but fails to provide any opinions regarding a solution. In these situations live in care can often be an excellent alternative to ‘slices’ of 15 minute care throughout the day as the costs are consolidated into one weekly figure that wouldn’t change on a sometimes daily basis. There other benefits are endless but include; the same care worker ‘familiar face’, 24 hour care, as the live in care worker will be there constantly there will always be someone on hand in case of an emergency, the client and live in care worker get to know each other, family can always phone and speak to the same live in care worker for updates regarding their loved one and so on. However live in care seems to be massively overlooked as people always assume that it will not be practical or that the cost would be too high. As we have proved, this is not the case.

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