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Certain Care provide qualified live in care workers enabling people to live in their own homes. We are often seen as an affordable alternative to a residential unit and at the same allowing people to maintain their preferred lifestyle. All of our care workers are fully trained; references checked and have an enhanced DBS check.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What areas do you cover?

Everywhere throughout the UK.

  • What do you do?

We provide a full range of live in care services to people in their own homes. From companionship (including shopping and domestic duties) to fully supported living of life long illnesses. We have low, medium and high rates, this would be determined at the assessment.

  • What tasks would the care worker do for me?

We work together to form a Care Plan which details exactly what you have instructed us to do and at which times these tasks are carried out; from first thing when you wake up till when you decide to go to bed. This document is stored in your home and then becomes the diary for each day.  As part of our ongoing and unique service, we are also able to assist or administer with your medication. We understand that needs change frequently and so we will be in regular contact to make sure that the service that we agreed is still appropriate and if your needs have change then we will modify your care plan and instruct the live in care worker accordingly.

  • What would be the first step?

The first step would be arranging an assessment at a convenient time for both you and the next of kin (if appropriate) this can be evenings and weekends if preferred.  It is at this time we would discuss the reasons for care and address any questions that you may have. During the assessment for live in care we ask you to talk us through an average day, starting with breakfast up till when you go to bed and all the tasks that you would like the care worker to assist you with. This assessment is no obligation and doesn’t cost anything.

  • How does live in care work?

If you decide to go ahead with our services an appropriate care worker will be assigned to the individual requiring care. This will be determined on the care workers training and experiences whilst taking into account the your wishes. The care worker will arrive between 12 – 2pm with a member of office staff (unless otherwise agreed) and care will commence.

  • How long will the care worker stay?

This depends on how long the care is required, care can be provided on a short term (e.g. respite) or long term (e.g. on-going) basis although the minimum is one week. If the care package is on-going then the care workers length of stay will be determined by the your satisfaction, which will be established through continued contact and support from the registered manager. Certain Care advise that long term care workers take breaks every four to six weeks.

  • What happens when the care worker takes a break?

Certain Care’s policy states that care workers must take a minimum of a seven day break to ensure that they are rested enough to enable them to provide the best possible care. Before the scheduled break a suitable replacement will be found, we will let you (and/or next of kin) know about the change in care worker in advance.  Wherever possible we try to get the same care worker to cover breaks as we understand that a different carer can cause stress for.

  • What do we need to provide for the care worker?

The care worker needs a bedroom to stay in whilst on shift, somewhere to sleep and somewhere for them to retreat to if you would like some privacy. Whilst on shift the care worker will prepare enough food for both you and themselves, they share what comes into the house, if the carer wants something specific then they will buy it for themselves.

  • How much will it cost?

Prices start at just £605 depending on the level of care required, this will be established at the initial assessment. You will only pay for the care you receive, Certain Care does not have any assessment fees, registration fees or hidden charges. Unlike other agencies, our week is a full 7 days, not 5 and we pay the care worker and invoice you so you will only receive one weekly invoice and that’s it, we take care of the rest.

  • Can we meet the care worker first?

Whilst we understand that meeting the care worker before they start may be desirable to many families we tend to discourage this as you could potentially be missing out on many great care workers  who will not be willing to travel and may pass on the position, waiting for another were meeting prior is not necessary. If meeting the care worker is essential then there would be a charge of £100.00 per care worker to cover their transport costs and time.

  • Am I entitled to financial help from the government?

In general, if your assets all less than £14,250 (excluding property), then you will not have to contribute towards the cost of care, if they fall between £14,250 and £23,250 then you will usually be required to make a contribution. Be sure to get in touch with your local authority to arrange an assessment. Whilst Certain Care are unable to initiate the assessment we are able to assist you in contacting social services. If you would like to discuss anything further then please get in touch today.