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Looking For a Carer?

How we Operate

One of the biggest benefits of having a live in care worker instead of going into a residential home is flexibility. Needs can change very quickly and we will adapt to those changes along with the client, however we do have a low, medium, high and *‘fixed agreement ‘ care needs system in place to give you a better understanding how we operate.

Low Dependency – This level of live in care usually applies to individuals who require domestic help, companionship, and minimal support. The Care Worker’s duties may include, Shopping, Regular outings, cooking and sharing meals, light domestic support (such as cleaning & laundry). Other tasks may include enabling the client to participate in hobbies and leisure activities, organizing travel arrangements and accompanying to personal appointments, other paperwork and new technology (i.e. email, using mobile phone etc.)

Medium Dependency  – This level of live in care is similar to the low dependency but offers a greater focus and more support from the care worker. Additional duties from the care worker will include assistance with waking up, assistance with personal care, dressing and physical appearance including brushing hair, shaving etc. medication reminders, and mobility issues and so on.

High Dependency  – This level of live in care service is usually for individuals (or couples) that rely on the live in care worker for most daily tasks such as cooking, hoisting, continence management, behaviour monitoring (wandering) etc. This level of dependency may also apply to those that require a care worker with specialist experience or training for example PEG feed experience or diabetes training or if there are regular night visits.

There are many variables that need to be taken account when devising a care package, every case is unique and we will create a bespoke care package for each and every client. For example, someone may have majority low dependency care needs but also a few high dependency needs which would then result in a medium dependency quote.

You only pay for the care you receive (unless otherwise agreed) there are no travel costs, assessment costs, admin costs or additional bank holiday charges and with fully inclusive  rates starting at just £605 per week, we are one of the most competitive agencies out there.

If you have any questions or require further advice please get in touch today.

* Fixed Agreement- This level of live in care is for partnership working when we have fixed agreements with other organisations.