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Live in Care

Why live-in care?

Live in care has many benefits. For example, for  those with Dementia, Alzheimer’s, sensory impairments or those with Parkinson’s  it means that there is no upheaval of moving out of their own home (where they have independence and familiar surroundings)  to a residential home. This can be extremely disorientating for the individual and unfortunately mortality rates rise significantly shortly after someone moves out of their own home and into a residential unit.

For those with physical disabilities it can be very empowering to a live in care worker, it can be the difference between living and independent life in your own home or living in confined surroundings that you would not ordinarily choose yourself .

People on the Autistic spectrum often respond best to routine and familiarity, a residential unit can have many people living in the same environment and this can be disruptive, causing stress and anxiety, having a one –to- one care worker 24/7 means that routines and behaviours are quickly learnt by the care worker so there is minimal stress for the individual receiving care.

It is Certain Care’s aim to provide a safe, caring environment for clients and peace of mind for their loved ones.

Why Certain Care?

Certain Care puts the client at the centre of the care package. We do not focus on what the individual is unable to do for themselves; instead we look at what they would like to do and how we can achieve this together. Some tasks may require specialist assistance or a visit from the Occupational Therapist to look at what equipment or adaptions may be of use and Certain Care are happy to assist in all these areas.

There are many different approaches to providing care, some people require a care worker to assist them with tasks such as cooking or getting dressed whilst other people may require the care worker to do majority of tasks for them, each client is unique and we respect and promote individuality.

All the necessary details will be addressed at a no obligation assessment at which point we can gather the required information about the client and answer any questions that you and/or the client have. Our services are flexible and we can quickly adapt as needs change.

It’s all about you

Certain Care will do their utmost to make the transition of having a live in care worker as stress free as possible.  On the day of arrival of a new care worker a member of our team will be there to escort the care worker in and relieve anxieties by offering support to both client and care worker, after this we will remain in touch with client and/or next of kin and care worker to ensure things are going well and to address any changes quickly and effectively with as little stress as possible. In most cases there are very few issues and clients and care workers are usually very happy however should there be any changes or questions you can always contact us between 9-5 on 01273 276 537 this number is also the emergency out of office hours number,  we are on call 24 hours a day.